Thơ Cảm ơn Thầy Cô, ​Lâm Bích Ngà​, Milpitas

Our beloved and respected Master Thuận and Master Hải,

On behalf of our disciples of the three North California Meditation Centers, I thank the Masters did not mind the distant as well as your busy schedule to come visit Milpitas Meditation Center and give us your precious Dharma lectures. In the time of challenges and facing difficulties in our Meditation Center, the Dharma lectures of the Masters help us face challenges with more courage and not let the obstacle weaken our fate in this teaching. This soon shall pass! From time to time, Meditation Center underwent a purged so that those who disagree with the Meditation Center as well as with our DDM Organization gradually voluntary leave to regain the peace for those remained.

The presence of the Masters in Northern California help the long time disciples have the opportunity to gain more cultivation knowledge as well as help the newer disciples to strengthen their belief in the choice which they choose is the shortest and the fastest way to repay their karma in the remainder of their life.

This time I'm glad both Masters' lectures is wonderful, lively and deeper meaning than the previous time. I'm glad to know the mind of the disciples has expanded to embrace and understand each word of the lectures from the Masters, as well as the process of the disciples’ cultivation, have made better progress when take the time come to Meditation Center to practice as Bodhisattva thus the level of understanding of Dharma also be advanced over time.

Next time I hope the Masters could stay longer for us to learning more about other aspects of spirituality so we could unravel more of the things that we don't know or know inaccurately.

I wish our Masters always have peace of mind to continue to lead and be the torch pillar to us not being lost on the way back home.


Lâm Bích Ngà
DDM of Milpitas 483 Los Coches Street,
Milpitas, CA 95035


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