Tổ chức và chuẩn bị cho lớp học Cấp 4 năm 2017 - Anaheim, USA

Subject: Organization and Preparation for Level 4 Class in Anaheim 2017

In order to improve the spiritual knowledge and to increase the ability to serve humanity for the disciples who have dedicated themselves to following the teachings of the Founder Grand Master Dasira Narada, DDM Headquarter Center will offer a Level 4 Class for 3 days from October 18 to October 20, 2017 in Anaheim Headquarter, California State, USA.

Leaders of all DDM Centers have the responsibility to choose very carefully to recommend only the disciples who truly qualify for the Level 4 Course. DDM Headquarter Center requests that all Center Leaders choose disciples who have the following qualities in order to attend this Level 4 Class:

1. Disciples who have strong determination to practice spiritual cultivation and who have followed the Founder Grand Master’s teachings properly to help others and to serve humanity.

2. Disciples who have good virtues and who have contributed a helping hand in developing the Meditation Center.

3. In order to purify the mind and the soul in preparation for the chakra opening for Level 4, all attending students must do the following preparation commencing on October 7, 2017

a. No sexual activities. Eat only vegetarian meals (e.g., no meat or fish). No beer, wine or alcohol. Starting on October 7, 2017, until the end of the class.

b. Come to the local DDM Center each day to meditate for at least 2 hours for 2 weeks before the Class to remove internal impurities. During these 2 weeks, students should not give or receive treatment and sincerely pray to the Founder Grand Master for His blessings.

All attending students must arrive in California, USA one day before class starts (October 17, 2017). October 20, 2017, is the last day of Class, and there will be a ceremony to celebrate the Grand Master Birthday and Grand Opening of the Headquarter on October 22, 2017. Therefore, students should leave one day after the event ends (October 23, 2017) or later. Students should choose a convenient time for pick-up and drop-off from the airport.

To assist the organizing committee in preparation regarding the hotel, transportation, meal and other class arrangements, please contact Ms. Susan Luong in Seattle at SusanLuong@DDMinternational.org (telephone 206-579-8818) or Mr. Nick Dao in Orange County at Headquarter@DDMinternational.org (telephone 714-719- 3842). This is an announcement for implementation at all Centers.

September 27, 2017


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