Tổ chức Lễ Khánh Thành Thiền Đường Trung Ương, v. v., 2017


With the approval of Founder Masters, Divine Dharma Meditation Headquarters is pleased to announce to all Center Leaders and Instructors that the schedule of The Grand Master Dasira Narada Birthday Celebration, Grand Opening of Anaheim Headquarter, The Teaching of Level 4, 5, 6, and Level 3 Instructor will be held as follows:
- Teaching of Level 3 Instructor: On October 17, 2017.
- Teaching of Level 4: From October 18th to October 20th, 2017.
- Grand Master Birthday and Grand Opening of Anaheim Headquarter celebration: On October 22nd, 2017
- Teaching of Level 5: From November 7th to November 9th, 2017.
- Teaching of Level 6: From November 10th to November 12th, 2017.

Due to the time constraint, we ask that the Center Leaders provide us with all the necessary information as soon as possible.

1. The list of all students attending the classes. Please email this information to Instructor Susan at susanluong@ddminternational.org.

2. The list of all students who will require hotel accommodations. Please email this information to headquarter@ddminternational.org.

3. The list of all flight schedules. Please email this information to headquarter@ddminternational.org.

Please remember that ALL students MUST check-in one day in advance and check-out one day following the end of their classes.

EXCEPTIONS: ALL Level 4 students MUST check-in on October 17th and check-out on October 23rd.

ALL flights MUST arrive/depart from John Wayne Airport (SNA) and Long Beach Airport (LGB).



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