Divine Dharma Meditation
Personal extraordinary real experiences

I have an extraordinary experience. At 4:00 a.m. in the morning of October 31, 2016, I meditated for about thirty minutes then feeling my two lower legs had the same sensations as having many ants’ bites, occasionally like having electric shocks, sometimes feel like burning of bees’ stings, my two legs were aching really badly.

I tried to endure, pinched my legs to keep them from jolting and concentrated on meditation. Breathing in with the thinking of sucking energy through the chakras that I was meditating on, exhaling with the thought of pushing the toxins and impurities energies down to my feet to push out. So continuing concentrated on channeling the energy in and out. It was about two hours, I was in pain and extremely uncomfortable, unable to continue to tolerate so I discharged meditation.

Later on, I told a disciple of level 3. She told me you had lost to your impurities energies. You have to sit meditation until the impurities energies are out, it will be no more pain and you will feel lightened and relieved.

The next morning, at 4 a.m., I sat in meditation, with the same phenomenon, I struggled, gritted my teeth with persistent meditation and thought of pushing away the toxins and impurities energies out through my feet. It took about four hours for my right legs to feel no more pain and relief, feeling like my foot rested on a chair, but my left leg still heavy and painful. I continued to meditate for another hour, then my left leg had no more pain and I discharged meditation.

Feeling two lower legs in burning sensation due to the touch with the tubes of the pants, looking down, I saw on my two lower front legs and the back of my knees had many blood blisters as big as granules, bloody grains (but not bleeding), when bathe felt burning sensation (afterward became scars like lump scars lasted for two, three months but still won’t heal).

The next day sitting in meditation, again I had the phenomenon like that, but after three hours then no more pain. In the next morning, again continuing push out impurities energies, however, it only took two hours then the pain was gone. The fourth morning follows, no more impurities energies went to the legs and out to the feet. About half a month later, I had two mornings also from 4 to 6 hours meditation the impurities energies came out like mention above, this time at the insteps, but only lasted for two hours then out of pain.

The disciples told me, the meditation that pushed impurities energies out like this was very good (I had pictures of the first day that created blisters on the lower legs and back of the knees to share with the disciples).

Strangely, it is only breathing, exhaling, and visualizing energy through the chakras and pushing down the toxins, the impurities energies down the feet to release them, but it even was breaking the flesh to come outside is very unusual indeed.

Every day, at home I meditate twice, morning from 4 to 6 a.m.; Afternoon from 2 to 3 p.m. Evening I go to the meditation center. Only the morning meditation from 4 a.m. would appear as described above, the afternoon, evening meditation did not have such phenomenon.

After a period of meditation according to the Divine Dharma Meditation practice, I feel better, 5 months of insomnia is now gone. Internal hemorrhoids for many decades have been cured about 50%.

Nearly three months, in the evening I went to Quang Yen meditation center, seeing the disciples of the meditation center are very enthusiastic and volunteering. Many people have diseases that won’t go away with other many methods but healed or cured of the diseases by simple, free-of-charge energy treatment methods of this teaching. I write this article to share with the disciples and everyone.

Lê Đồng Sơn
Member of Vietnam Historical Society


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