Letter 01, Khanh Van, April 08 2017

Letter 01, Khanh Van, April 08 2017

Can Tho, 04/08/2017

Dear Revered Founder Masters,

Dear Master Thuan, tomorrow is your birthday, I want to have a small gift to celebrate your special date, but I keep thinking there is nothing worthy to offer to my revered Master, other than the boundless beloved and revered for the Master of mine.

Dear respectfully Founder Masters, you both have guided me, from a person with numerous illness, on the day I arrived at the Meditation Center I can hardly walk, now I have been healed.

On the day that I met the Founder Masters, hugged the Founder Masters with deep emotion that I am not able to say any words, I can only cry, cry...

My life is now only with Grand Master and the Founder Masters, anything else is just what I need to face on the way to the destination.

I would like to present to the Founder Masters the achievements that I have reached as a birthday gift to reverence for the Master Thuan, pleading the Founder Masters to accept and love me, I cherish the Founder Masters greatly.

I have a total of 8 serious diseases. Now I have been healed 80%.

Every day, I go to the Meditation Center to give treatment to other, sometimes twice a day, go and return would be more than 20 kilometers. I am already 63 years old, the day arrived at the Meditation Center, I cannot walk, the old ugly sick person, now I'm a healthy young and beautiful person… I have been a disciple of level 4. Everyone praise me pretty and swift.

I would like to offer to the Founder Masters the entire happiness sky of mine. I vow to follow the words of the Grand Master and the Founder Masters to always be a worthy disciple of the Founder Masters, I offer to the Founder Masters all of my new achievements.

I respectfully wish the Founder Masters, body and soul, happy and tranquil, birthday day happily in the loving arms of the Grand Master.

Humbly heartfelt letter.
Khanh Van - Can Tho


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