Lớp học Cấp 1&2 tại thiền đường Atlanta, USA.

Re: Level 1&2 at Atlanta, USA.

With the authorization of Thầy Cô, Divine Dharma Meditation Headquarters is pleased to announce Level 1&2 classes in February 2020 at Atlanta, USA.

Address: 3583 Cruse Road, Lawrenceville,
GA, 30044, USA

Instructors: Chau Tran

Contact: Binh N. Pham
Phone: 856-383- 3923
Email: info@DasiraNarada.org

Level 1&2: Monday, February 24th to Saturday, February 29th, 2020.

Please inform your family and friends of our level 1&2 class schedule and feel free to contact us if any queries.

Divine Dharma Meditation Headquarters


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