My spiritual journey of joining Divine Dharma Meditation

Everyone have their own reason to join Divine Dharma Meditation, mostly due to their own illness, in hope to get new treatment methods. As for me, it is because my circle of friends often not feeling well, so I hope to learn a treatment technique to help them, just so happen to hear my little sister saying there is a class open to this teaching, however, she did not enroll for the class but my sister’s husband and I did sign up for the number 2 class in 2007 of level 1-2, from then on I have progressed in this organization.

A few years later in Malaysia after finished level 4 class and returned to Hong Kong, after the understanding of this teaching, and discovering my fate is strengthening, willing to give more time for the meditation center and serving humanity and accumulating of merit, Blessed by the Grand Master my ability to treat other feel strengthened. Whenever the opportunity to attend higher class, I will grasp the opportunity to sign up.

After each higher level, aspiration to strengthen again, willing to sacrifice time to go meditation center to help treat other, and participate in the Meditation Center Executive Committee, first serve as General Manager then became Assistant Leader, help Center Leader to maintain the smooth operation of Meditation Center, to achieve the harmony interaction between members, hand in hand towards a spiritual cultivation path.

2016 is my greatest shifts of the year beginning in January, due to Hong Kong Meditation Center Leader Lu Jinzhu goes to Yuen Long Center become Center Leader there, his original post of center leader has been assigned to me by Founder Masters, so I inherited greater duty and commitment in our organization. And the Founder Masters further entrust in me, the selection of me to attend the month of May in United States Seattle Meditation Centre Assistant Instructor course, after completing the course will be able to open Chakras for the new disciples, different from mere lead the disciples to practice cultivation in the past. Thus I will have a different method to establish merit and spiritual practice, for this, I am especially grateful for two Founder Masters entrust in me. This time, attendees of Assistant Instructor course are from different countries or places, many of them I also had known, I admire the two Founder Masters, not because of different corners of the Earth and space, still can pick out the devoted disciples and provide them the opportunity, let them to continue to their further development, practice harder.

So, going forward, I will assume the Divine Dharma Meditation identity take on the responsibility, do diligently to learn from the senior Instructors, for our organization and for myself I will be diligently cultivating, to thanks the two Founder Masters for giving me the opportunity.

Li Weiming (SAM LI)
Divine Dharma Meditation Hong Kong Meditation Center
DDM Hong Kong Center


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