Hieu Lam's thoughts after Level 6 class, Rosemead

My thoughts after Level Six (6)
Universal Human Body Energy (UHBE)

UHBE is not a religion but a moral principle and an extraordinary one that has not surfaced in thousands of lifetimes. It is a moral principle to guide folks to the truth in the shortest time possible. Why is that? Because after six days of lessons, UHBE students get their chakras open. That is a miraculous gift from the Grand Master. It enables us to meditate to heal ourselves and others. During the course of treating others, our love/affection toward humanity gradually grows without noticing it. This love/affection expands from loving family members to include all UHBE students at first and then humanity in general. Of all chakras that got open, #4 is special. It represents love/affection. It opens our heart from loving ourselves to loving others; as evident in our willingness to help without conditions. We know that Love, Intelligence, and Courage are three unique characteristics of saint/extraordinary people. If you could achieve one of these three characteristics, then the remaining two should not be difficult to obtain.

To reach the objective as mentioned above, students must come to the Meditation Center often. Why? Because the Center is where there is a gathering of people with the same moral principles and desire to help humanity. Those mind sets are extraordinary and the combination of them creates an invisible force that resonates and affects surrounding people; especially the young souls who rely on that spirit/attitude to pull them through the beginning stages. Additionally, the Center is where we could put our learning into practice with the guide from our Teachers. The Center provides a terrific environment for each UHBE student to learn and to gain experience as we put the Grand Master's teaching into practice. One can also say that the Center is a place where it exports love for humanity. The stronger the love will result in a better demeanor (becoming less contemptuous/temperamental) toward others. Conversely, the less likely we have contempt (or temperamental) toward others, the seed of love/affection within us will likely have an opportunity to grow. Such moral principles are the minimum selecting criteria for those who would advance beyond the final phase of humanity.

In summary, UHBE is a personal thought of Grand Master Dasira Narada. Because it is a thought, its reaches are boundless and beyond comprehension. That thought has been crystallized by our Teachers through numerous and precious lessons that can aptly be applied in this 21st century. UHBE is divided into various levels. It is closely-knitted and methodical. It logically guides students to advance their soul slowly in the eventual quest to return Home.
Those who practice correctly will feel stronger physically, mentally, alert, and blessed. More importantly, the ability to advance spiritually is an awesome and fortunate feeling.

For me, I have received many blessings from the Grand Master. As such, I would like to take this opportunity to share my thoughts with my UHBE family. These thoughts are from the bottom of my heart. I hope it will move you into actions and get excited about UHBE because it benefits not only you but humanity as well.
Rosemead, June 2nd, 2011
Hieu Lam


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