Hồi phục được sức khỏe-Tìm được câu trả lời chân thật, Đông Ông

Recovering my health
Found Truth Answer to my questions

Before when I did not know about this discipline of Divine Dharma Meditation, I was not healthy; my mind was not happy and peaceful! “Why?” this question came up very often during the time I had several illnesses and I thought deeply about my life.

For physical illness, I got pollen and cold weather allergy. Every time spring came around instead of enjoying the beautiful blooming flowers, I sniffle and my nose runs for the whole three months. When winter came, both hands and feet felt very cold. That coldness was very hard to endure; it would last until winter was over.

For mental illness, I had anxiety over the potential lack of sleep. My job kept me very busy during the day so I did not feel the numbness, but when night came my two hands would be numb and sometimes so painful that I would wake up at night. This experience made me dread night time because it would not be a very good night sleep.

When I reached menopause, I experienced hot flashes, especially at night. It made it hard to have a good night’s sleep. Plus my hands were numb very often, so much so that it was hard for me to hold the house keys steady. I dropped it on the floor when it was cold. I also had an ulcer. Whenever I did not eat on time, my stomach would be in pain! After I learned this meditation method for a few years, my illness gradually becomes less serve. Because of this, I love to learn more and continue going up to higher level classes.

After studying this Dharma, I had the answer to my illness. Illnesses are hindrances created by our own mistakes or offenses over many lifetimes! It does not matter if I did it knowingly or not. I personally caused these hindrances; therefore, I have to pay it back until it is all gone! Experiencing all this suffering, I learned to meditate diligently so that I can recover my good health and also have enough energy to help others’ in the meditation center.

When my two kids were young, every day I prayed for them to grow up fast so I could go out and work full-time I thought to myself. “Wouldn’t it be wonderful?” Now that my kids are all grown up, I feel I do not have enough energy and talent to handle the full-time job as I wished because at middle age it is hard to find a job that I love. Why my life is impermanence?

When I learned this Dharma, I realized every situation, every circumstance is a great lesson to experience hardship and happiness and gain wisdom.

Grand Master’s Dharma provided me a chance to serve humanity, so I can pay for all my hindrances from past actions of many lifetimes. I must learn endurance and harmony to overcome all obstacles in life.

To pay back hindrance, I reserve some time in the evening to come to the meditation center to give treatment to patients. These actions help me to love everyone and it also gives me a chance to interact with others of all walks of life in this society so I can learn from their experience and mistakes.

By being at the Center, we get blessings from Grand Master; therefore, our meditation gets better results than meditating at home. Realizing all these benefits, I informed all my patients to learn this meditation method, to meditate, to self-correct and to serve others, this way your life will be more fulfilling.

Presently, I myself feel my life has less suffering; my illness has gone and I did not even notice when it stopped. My mind is less anxious about the material world. I do not think much about the past anymore. For now, I try to find my own weakness or mistakes and correct them promptly. With determination and sacrifice, I can serve humanity and I get the blessing from Grand Master. He provided me happiness and peace, which you cannot buy with money.

Đông Ông
Seattle Meditation Center
Date: 05/29/2016


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