Chấp Thuận thành lập thiền đường Hồng Thái, Việt Nam.

Re: Approval to form a DDM Meditation center at Hong Thai, Viet Nam.
With a purpose to grow and convey the DDM teachings, we have agreed to let disciples in Quang Ninh province to form Hong Thai meditation center at the address below:
Xóm 03, thôn Thượng Thông, xã Hồng Thái Đông,
Dong Trieu Town, Quang Ninh Province, Viet Nam

We have approved the Center Leaders and Administrative members which were elected by the center members as follow:

Center Leader: Tran Van Tung Mb: 0985 618 888
Assistant Center Leader (General affairs):
Le Van Nhan Mb: 0906 025 668
Assistant Center Leader (Personel affairs):
Le Dình Bong Mb: 0989 555 145
Finance: Ngo Thi Quyen
Commissioner: Nguyen Thi Sac

We know there are many responsibilities to operate a new center; nonetheless, that lead us to a spiritual life and to serve humanity on the path of cultivation. We wish all members at Hong Thai Center many virtuous results.

DDM Anaheim Headquarters, USA, June 02nd, 2024
DDM Founder Masters
Nguyen Duc Thuan, Nguyen Ngoc Hai


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