Chặng đường tu học & Cảm tưởng về Thiền đường Seattle, Bùi Thị Hồng Mai

Path to cultivation and my thoughts regarding Seattle Meditation Center

I was able to attend instructor assistant class in May 2016 at the Seattle Meditation Center, the cradle and the first Meditation Center of DDM organization, this instructor class is very special, with majority of students from around the world attended, in them there are many students with young age, has the enthusiasm, energy, capable and competent, ability to travel afar to conduct classes, and most of the students have been learning Dharma for many years, have dedication to serving was our Masters selection criteria.

This spiritual cultivation class especially important for the Masters in training these students, have kindhearted and pursuit spiritual liberation, have enough merit to up the ranks of Instructor Assistant, in the effort to meet the demand of more instructors, promptly with the expansion of our Divine Dharma Meditation teaching, currently everywhere - Both Masters guided and taught us, practice bodhisattva help humankind and serve humanity - What is the responsibilities and duties of an assistant Instructor? The essential information when coaching - Both Masters pass on to us, the proven experience and ethical of humanity, to perform the duty. Now we are the Dharma extension of the Masters, take part on the worthy cause and responsibility to serve humanity – All of us sincerely, attentively receive Dharma knowledge from Masters and pledge to carry out the duty.

All information receive during the Instructor Assistant course - I felt I need put in positive efforts, exercise virtue, exchange Grand Master Dharma more, deeper understanding of Five Forces so our understanding of Spirituality will be clearer - Although we have been lived and learned in the Masters' Moral - I always practice austerities , improving body and soul, diligently work to help others and for the betterment of humanity, not afraid of difficulty, ready to help when people need it, make time for personal Dharma practice to learn more knowledge, extract real-life experience – Live truthfully, do faithfully with self, and live a meaningful life in each moment, so not to waste this lifetime the chance to learn and improve – all living creatures live in this universe has to sacrifice, support one another, link and interact together in the overall evolution – I ask myself what have I sacrificed, help in the evolution of mankind?

Although the time participate every day in the Meditation Center - I felt not yet really, carry out fully the meaning of Grand Master lesson – even though the Meditation Center is where we learn to develop compassion, is a perfect environment for the newcomer to learn and practice Dharma, to develop good behavior – accumulate good merit – eliminate bad deed – Meditation Center is also the heart of our Grand Master teaching – the house of spirituality – the supporting place for those wholehearted practice cultivation – foster the beginning to become a good person, an achiever that has a noble soul, live for humanity – know loving forgiveness and kind to each other, - but still is limited in the scope within the Meditation Center –

The students that have been with this disciplines for many years, diligently cultivating – witness gather experiences - understanding life learning Dharma, have faith in the Grand Master, Grand Master Dharma, received the Masters guidance to achieve further - Now the time has come - we are the Grand Master offspring, the students of both Masters can not hesitate or delay, but must contribute to the building of our disciplines.

At present the salvation Dharma of Grand Master have entrenched into people heart, have inspired and reduced human suffering, insecurity full of nuisance, bring the source of happiness and contentment to humanity – Although our disciplines are in beginning state, but how many people have been predestined to come to our organization – DDM is on the rise - disciplines need instructors - who are the elite pioneers, are chosen by the Masters into the team of Instructor assistants with the responsibility to spread our Grand Master’s Dharma to humanity, and this is also our opportunity to advance the ability, with the aspiration to serve -

The moment Masters certified with Grand Master blessing is the most sacred important moment of my life, can't describe the emotions, when receiving the priceless gift - from that instant the responsibility that Masters have delegated, I cherish the vows and obey, years of cultivation asset accumulation of spirituality practice diligently and real attestation, available knowledge and experience, with the potential of gifted force I developed, both in terms of the purpose to serve others, To help humanity and save fellow human life in according to the Truth of our Grand Master’s teaching – following the brilliant trail of Masters on the roads of Buddha vista way – together with other disciples extending the reach of the Divine Dharma Meditation everywhere

Honor inherit Grand Master grace - thanks to the Masters guidance and fostering, coaching practicing, made me become useful person to the community - do good for humanity - and help me serve humanity as a mean to return, what borrowed from the world - help one cultivates evolve to repay the lifetime debt - help humanity evolve is also helping one’s soul evolve - the road to serve for the evolution of humanity, is the fastest evolution path, and also is the rugged risky road, difficult challenging path, if there is no proper guidance,

The grace of the Masters I inscribed in my heart and plead to serve and will carry out all that Masters have taught.

Path of cultivation after 10 years is the result of achieving the clear understanding it, on the evolution of a soul, the structure of the universe - and the laws of cause and effect, reincarnation, evolution etc, etc. Now the next path, serve for the evolution of humanity, to return soon to the true home, although known to be rugged, difficult but in the belief I have the Grand Master, have both Masters, have the fellow disciples, is the motivation that helps my evolution .

Written on July 25, 2016

Few lines of feeling about the beloved Seattle Meditation Center

Return to Seattle Meditation Center since the course level 7, 2012 - still love the surroundings warm setting, the image still pleasant welcoming smile, dear brothers and sisters of Seattle very warm welcome us with the words asking intimate - handshake happy as seen old friend – nice happy reunion, we relive the day learns peace under spirituality root of Divine Dharma Meditation at the Seattle Meditation Center – having heartfelt conversation, exchange cultivation knowledge, share practice meditation experience, etc. etc. .. When talk about Seattle Meditation Center, not one person not mention the deep relationship and friendship - very thoughtfully prepared for us with the vegetarian meals specialty crafted, for serving fellow disciples – Earnestly serving guest with extraordinary sincerity love - on the lips always have a pleasant smile even though busy at cooking for the meals, everyone face is always kind - laughter openness conversation of those students are enjoying the desiccated delicious exotic vegetarian dish - scenery of the Meditation Center as flurry as big symposium day, giving us the feeling of comfy and friendly – while the physical body being nourish, also cultivating the moral sense -We feel so happily, pleased to be living on those learning days at the Seattle Meditation Center - paradise on earth. The spirit of service and the work of the brothers and sisters of Seattle is plenty of lessons to be learned – Merit immeasurable - beautiful impression is unforgettable, if those who have been living in that noble love – that charm of the brothers and sisters of Seattle Meditation Center, is shining model for all the Meditation to follow - thanks bless the brothers and sisters Seattle Meditation Center.

Celebrating 20 years of established the Seattle Meditation Center is also the establishment of Divine Dharma Meditation in oversea. The impression when viewed the documentary of Divine Dharma Meditation operational process for the past 20 years - with old photos, you kept has made me very emotional, arduous difficulties during the building of Divine Dharma Meditation - because it is the pioneer – solitary both Masters had to sacrifice to cope with adversity and trying experience, to navigate the vessel of Divine Dharma Meditation to overcome worldly storm - lofty sacrifice jobs that cannot be done by ordinary man if that is not Godly task - Masters join forces accepted as the messenger of our Grand Master, to continue to lead sentient humanity "returning back to the source", we inherited grace of both Masters then how must we do to repay the gratitude to that superior grace ...?

The ceremony celebrated the 20th year established the Meditation Center of Seattle of yours are so perfectly carry out very meaningful - Love, honesty, and gratitude to our Masters – We came to share the fun and learn a lot - sincerely congratulate you

Wish you always joyfully happily – diligently meditate – build lot of good merits – See you again not too distant future


On July 29, 2016
Bui Thi Hong Mai
Mississauga Meditation Center, Canada


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