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Level 7 class & assistant instructor class memoir

The United States time on May 12th, 2016 at 12:30 pm arrived at Seattle Airport, my heart feel pleasant and excited, once again to see great teachers and great friends and many disciples from all over the world gather together to learn and cultivate. As early as six months ago, when I, the senior Chan Jan Kow and wife were informed that we will be able to move up to level 7 class and the assistant instructor class, we were very excited and looking forward to the opportunity to study and also able to attend the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Seattle Meditation Center.

Recalled on March 5th, 2007 that year, the Master Thuan and Master Hai led the senior brothers, sisters to Kuala Lumpur opened Level 1 & 2 beginner classes, until the last two years the development just starting outward, expanding to Ipoh and Sabah. Now, there are four Meditation Centers in Malaysia. During this period, with the instructor Normal Law and instructor Susan Luong strong support, selfless teaching and dedication, every time, they are intensely busy with treating local patients, so that they can restore their health and confidence, understand life won’t come the second round, health first, love yourself like love the family and the whole world.

In the assistant instructor class, requires everyone to comply with the Grand Master teaching, with equality heart to thank our life experience, strive to help all beings, regardless of race, age, and rich or poor. We are the children of the Grand Master, so we should love each other, everywhere to spread Dharma teaching, breaking the obsolete ideas and bad habits. Being the instructor must be more humble and thoughtful with words and actions, truthful and sincere to others and life, be satisfied and less yearning, do diligently meditate with clarity heart to see true nature.

Since the day of the assistant instructor, got the Master Thuan, the Master Hai "certified", every day when I meditate very quickly into the calm. Feeling blissful tranquil, sit long and breathe smooth unrestrained long. My stomach, heart, and lungs of the old troublesome situation have greatly improved, and really grateful to the promotion and the Master Thuan, the Master Hai of the blessing.

After more than 10 days of the group gathering and exchanges, we are reluctant to break up, and we are like-minded are under the leadership of the Grand Master in the efforts to cultivate and help humanity. I am older, poor learning ability, there are many shortcomings and deficiencies, hoping to improve, do better.

Chow Keng Chee
August 28th, 2016


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