Cảm Tưởng Sau Khóa Tu Học Phụ Tá Giảng Huấn, Ngô Bích Thuận, Surrey

Impression after Instructor Assistant Retreat.

Respectfully bowing to Grand Master Dasira Narada
Respectfully bowing to Second Grand Master Narada Maha Thera
Respectfully greeting to Both Masters

Impression after Instructor Assistant Retreat.

Today, I'm sharing some understanding, after four days of level 7 course and instructor Assistant course. I feel really happy to be back in the Seattle Meditation Center to attend Instructor Assistant course. I am really happy to meet many fellow brothers and sisters alike from around the world to learn, very thank you Seattle Meditation Center has cooked the many vegetarian dishes which are very delicious, and the servicing to each student is really meticulously done. After the closing of the class, with the cozy atmosphere and full of love, accompanying the teachers and fellow brothers and sisters, to speak the congratulations of each student.

The teaching of the Grand Master and the Dharma ethics of the Founder Masters have taught us each level goes up, is very clear and realistic. Thus I am aware that, the revolution in my consciousness is transformed greatly. I will always remember, etched in the heart and carry out in the daily practice, The Masters often reminds us to always observe the three self, do not let the lower-self controlling the higher-self.

After Instructor Assistant course then I know I now have more duties and responsibilities. It is because my Dharma ethics is still weak. So as not to disappoint the Grand Master and the Founder Masters, I meditate more and always practice diligently of Grand Master Dharma, and as well as the teaching of the Founder Masters.

To overcome all impediments and challenging, so that I always try to spend more time engaged to serve, and to accumulate merits better, that is, to practice virtue, correct thyself and examine thyself daily and always remind myself I must have altruism heart and harmony sentiment, then from that will develop the compassion heart, and live in peace and happiness.

Due to the good fate, I came to Divine Dharma Mediation, and it is also an opportunity for me to do the thing that is useful to life, must serve for humanity, accumulate merit to reduce bad karma, and build more merit for thyself. And this is the Truth of the Grand Master and the Founder Masters.

Our prayer to Grand Master Dasira Narada blessed us, perseverance determined mind and diligently on the way to learn cultivate spirituality.

Respectfully greeting the Founder Masters and the entire Brothers and Sisters of Divine Dharma Meditation.

Ngô Bích Thuận
Mediation Center Vancouver, Surrey
July 15, 2016


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