Cảm tưởng khi học lớp Phụ Tá Giảng Huấn, Đông Ông

My thoughts on the Assistant Instructor class
I was honored to be chosen by Masters to become an assistant instructor. During the few months of waiting for the assistant instructor class, I was very nervous and worried. Will I be able to comprehend the curriculum and accomplish the tasks Masters will expect of me?

Even though the Assistant Instructor class is only one day, it has a lot of meaning. Because of the increasing demand of Divine Dharma Meditation around the world, both Masters are urgently training a new group of Assistant Instructors. Therefore, it is very significant that I was luckily chosen to participate in this special class.

Life is very short, if we don’t choose a path we will just go around stuck in a loop with no way to evolve quickly.

To have a meaningful life is to do good deeds for others! I feel this Divine Dharma has provided me a lot of benefits because once I learned and practiced it earnestly, I solved my illnesses and I am more serene and happy.

Every day that I come to the Meditation Center, I feel my heart is light and happy because I can practice love to humanity by giving patients treatment, which are my good deeds for the day.

I understand that to be an Assistant Instructor, I need constantly follow Grand Master’s and both Masters’ teaching; only then will I have his blessing to lead others students to meditate and practice treatment for themselves and others. Gradually they will reap the enlightened heart and be happy, so I will try to work hard to fulfill my new duty!

I am very grateful to have the blessing from Grand Master and both Masters who always work hard at preaching Divine Dharma to the world!

Đông Ông
Seattle Meditation Center
Date: 05/29/2016


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