Cảm tưởng của Trịnh Kim Huôi

Reflection of Trinh Kim Huoi

Our eternal gratitude to the Founder Grand Master Dasira Narada for giving us Divine Dharma, a precious inheritance from which we learn to cultivate to build merits. We will always remind ourselves the law of cause and consequence.

We thank the Founder Grand Master Dasira Narada for our consciousness. We will work hard to protect and maintain His teachings for many generations. We ask Him to acknowledge our sincerity and to bless us in reaching our spiritual goals.

I prayed to the high beings to bless us with the five spiritual strengths and allow us to follow the Founder Masters on their cultivation journey. We were born once again after living both ordinary and spiritual lives for many years. Our illnesses have been cured by meditating and following the teachings from the Founder Masters. Particularly, I saw the teamwork spirit of the disciples, from Seattle center, as they worked on their specific tasks. I really admired their skills and their work attitude; they took good care of the students. All these nice things were attributed to the special arrangements made by the Founder Masters. We have realized that we have become attached to this material world. Our Founder Masters continue to work every minute; their dedications to serve humanity are Heaven’s plans. There is a story to tell in every situation; all students were wearing white T-shirts with a lotus logo, which is to remind us that we are living in a karmic world. The fresh lotus flowers blossom toward the morning sunlight.

We dressed in formal on the day receiving spiritual acknowledgement from the Founder Masters. We were like children in a family, uniting together to carry on the spiritual torch that lightens everywhere. It was a sacred moment filled with mixed emotions as we knew that our duties were to convey the teachings throughout all continents to benefit many generations to come. There are 80 centers worldwide, bringing benefits to the Vietnamese who can learn the teachings in their own language.

I was very happy for an opportunity to share my thoughts after completing the instructor course. It was a sacred moment in my life in which I felt a miraculous force covering me all over. I also felt serene, relaxed, and peaceful in my soul. I was happy that I would be able to come along side with the Founder Masters to promote the teachings to truly serve others. I felt that I have gained more in my spiritual knowledge, and I would be able to do more for others because my hands could reach further. It was a precious reward from the Founder Grand Master Dasira Narada given by the Founder Masters.

I wish everyone’s spiritual knowledge will expand as the day goes by and we all can contemplate on the current situation in the world. As rivers flow together, they join and become one big ocean. The students will improve in their spiritual learnings to serve more every minute, every day.

My respect to the Founder Masters and all students within the DDM family,
Boston, July 2016
Trinh Kim Huoi


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