My name is Phạm Văn Chương born in 1956 live at 225 Lê Lợi, province Quang Yen, Quang Yen town. I would like to share with everyone about my illness has been incurred during the past period are as follows:

In the years that have passed, my life is very hard, I myself had to work very hard, overcome difficulties, have done lot of different jobs to earn a living so I had suffered a number of severe illness such as back pain, heart pain, stomach pain ... and until 1998 I suffered a back pain that made my walking very difficult, I went to general hospital located in the town of Quảng Yên to get medicine injection, acupuncture, physical therapy and got better but it did not last very long, I went to many doctors close and afar, my family sent me up to the hospital 108 in Hanoi in the physical condition that I couldn’t walk, my children used a stretcher carried me to the hospital to get an MRI scan, the hospital only diagnosed that I got spinal disc herniation so the dorsal vertebrae L3, L4, L5, L6 must have surgery done. I have to wait through the holidays (4 days holiday 4/30 Thursday, 5/1 Friday, 5/2 Saturday, 5/3 Sunday). Can’t wait my family drove me to Mr Herbalist Thọ, home at Tế Tiêu (former name Hà Tây) who practice Southern herbal medicine combined physical therapy to treat my paralyzed body that just lying there and couldn’t do personal hygiene without help, the treatment at Mr. Thọ home about 1.5 months I can stand up and walk lightly. Went back home I couldn’t work and after 6 years my illness relapsed I again went everywhere to get treatment with southern herbal medicine, physical therapy, injections ... but still no cure.

From February 2015 I was lying paralyzed, I continued to take the southern herbal medicine to cure but no improvement, I almost desperately depressed and feeling hopeless planning to get surgery at the hospital in old age but the surgery has risk that the hospital required me to accept 50-50 success rate, my family members sought help everywhere regarding my illness, and I met the students of VDPHT at Quảng Yên, everyone came to my home gave me treatment by transferring energy with just two hands, and love with the faith in Grand Master DASIRA NARADA after 3 days of energy treatment I tried to sit up and practice walking by lean on wall, continuing received energy for another 15 days at home, I learn to walk to the Meditation Center in the evenings to request the Meditation Center disciples to give energy treatment. Very fortunately for me in August 2015 the Meditation Center have opened classes of meditation at Quảng Yên and I have been attended the meditation class. My illness turnaround fast is due to the determination of my daily meditation from 2-3 hours per times, 2 times per day and every night I would also go to the Meditation Center like other students to give transfer of energy treatment for other patients. To this day my illness had been stabilized I was back to work as normal, and at the same time my heart diseases, stomach pain I also don't feel the pain anymore.

Above the words shared my own personal experience, I hope that people will believe in the miracle of DDM which Grand Master DASIRA NARADA was Enlighted, people should try to study and preserve this meditation method for sure we will overcome all illness, will have a life of serenity, healthy and happy.

Quảng Yên, on April 15, 2016
Written by Phạm Văn Chương


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